Digital Advertising Program

Digital Advertising

Drive more traffic to your Retailer website with an optimized, innovative, and effective digital advertising strategy. The JLR Digital Advertising program gives Retailers choice between industry leading vendors, offering a variety of solutions and tactics that are most suitable to meet your marketing goals.

  • Increasing your website traffic through strategic advertising campaigns
  • Robust reporting and campaign metrics to allow for expert refinement in strategy
  • Turnkey solutions which streamline co-op submission and creative asset compliance
  • 100% co-op reimbursement for media and fees
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Adpearance is the sales-obsessed digital marketing company focused on helping Jaguar Land Rover dealers sell more cars. Improve your digital advertising performance with exceptional execution and exclusive inventory ad technologies focused on low-funnel searches. Drive organic traffic with strong SEO. And convert more leads to sales with Foureyes® sales intelligence.

Generate the best bottom-line results with Adpearance, the certified digital marketing program partner with best-in-class technology and customer service.

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Our owned and operated third-generation AI makes driving demand in localized markets easier with advertising that resonates with potential buyers at the right time. Not only does our technology make it easier to attract likely buyers, but it also helps maximize the impact of your ad budget by ensuring your ads are seen on the right website.

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Constellation Agency’s mission is to provide Tier 1 quality creative for Tier 3 prices. Founded as a social media agency for the auto industry, we specialize in providing the most advanced social offering for dealers. Our NYC-based team combines talent from the nation’s leading marketing firms with our deep automotive expertise.

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Powered by industry exclusive real-time bidding and machine learning, Advertising applies unsurpassed shopper data and website and inventory automation to deliver the industry’s most effective digital ads to every relevant shopper at every critical moment.

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Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire Digital Advertising focuses on paid search in two ways. The first is via a team of experts that carefully inspect the accounts, A/B test campaigns and read search term reports like some read their Sunday paper. The second focus is through Fuel, our software tool that generates dynamic paid search ads for each vehicle in stock. Fuels’ intelligence and scalability is beyond most competing tools as it modifies AdWords bids based on vehicles age and popularity. Click below to learn more about our comprehensive digital advertising offerings.

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Force Marketing

Our vision is to transform the brand-to-consumer buying experience. Our omni-channel product lineup allows us to do just that. Our products and strategies are designed to help dealers interact with car-shoppers more efficiently and effectively than ever before and have allowed our dealers to see an average CPU of just $147.

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Fox Dealer

Fox Dealer is a powerful digital partner. We combine five-star customer service with innovative tech to deliver real value to our clients. Fox specializes in creative design, digital marketing and responsive websites for dealerships. Our dedicated team of designers and campaign managers knows the industry and has the expertise to deliver value to our client’s time and again.

We're proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Our reputation as a top provider for high-performance dealerships is unmatched. Fox Dealer is here when you need digital marketing and advertising services.

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As the industry leader in automotive marketing, we’re trusted by the best dealers in North America. From innovative solutions to support from trusted experts, making marketing easier is our job. PureCars provides everything dealers need to attract and convert more customers with tech-driven solutions, unmatched data capabilities and direct access to support. We offer: Customer Data Platform (CDP) and website visitor intelligence, Digital Advertising, lead generation and market data and reporting.

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Stream Companies

Stream has been helping dealerships crush their sales goals for over 20 years with an integrated approach that combines digital and traditional advertising unlike any other agency in the industry. We’re not just some vendor, we’re your advertising partner, providing a single point of contact and endless advertising solutions to help you achieve explosive sales. So, if you want to revolutionize the way your team moves metal, contact Stream today.

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Unity Works

UnityWorks is the industry leader in delivering customized micro-targeted video campaigns for automotive dealers. The company has created and implemented over 25,000 dealer video campaigns since 2015 on the largest online media networks (DoubleClick/Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). UnityWorks campaigns generate higher engagement and two to three times higher click through rates than industry averages. Video campaigns from UnityWorks have also proven to increase model/dealership search term lift for dealers (Google) and increase brand/model sales lift (JD Power O2O).

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