L2T Media

Maximize Your ROI With Performance-Driven Data

L2TMedia’s digital marketing solutions improve performance for dealerships, based on their unique business goals. Our proprietary technology, AutoQuityTM uses machine learning to programmatically tailor your campaigns across all channels and optimizes your budget to provide maximum ROI.

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Delivers An All-Encompassing Solution, Using Your Dealership's Data to Connect with the Ideal Customer at the Right Time

  • Data Ingestion: Merge data sources to create enhanced marketing audiences
  • Hygiene and Segmentation: Combine, clean, and enhance customer records
  • Activation: Apply hyper-targeted data across media channels and connect with ready-to-buy shoppers through personalized campaigns and messaging


Match Shopper Interests with Onsite Offers to Drive Leads

  • Engage with shoppers who haven't completed a website form submission
  • Customize offers based on profit centers
  • Drive leads directly in your CRM

AutoIncent for Sales and Service

Showcase Your Incentives to Attract Shoppers

  • Dynamically publishes Sales and Service specials on your website
  • Ensure consistent pricing and messaging across all channels

Search Engine Optimization

Improve Your Dealership’s Organic Ranking

  • Increase organic relevancy
  • Direct more searchers to your retailer
  • Monitor your top competitors
  • Ensure local business citation accuracy
  • Create fresh and evergreen website content

Paid Search

The Most Essential Step in Targeting In-Market Shoppers

  • Drive more vehicle views
  • Capture more traffic
  • Focus on best-performing keywords

Performance Max

Leverage Different Channels to Engage Your Shoppers at All Stages

  • Reach customers across all Google Channels
  • Focus on reach customers where they are in the car-buying process

Display Advertising

Drive Awareness and Maximize Impressions

  • Generate high-quality traffic
  • Increase consideration by in-market shoppers
  • Send qualified shoppers back to your site

Paid Social

Target In-Market Shoppers on Facebook and Instagram

  • Leverage L2TMedia’s VDPConnect Paid Social for Vin Specific Facebook Ads
  • Boost results with retargeting and custom audiences
  • Utilize all Facebook ad format options



  • In-stream video ads and skippable in-stream ads are set based on conversion goals vs video views
  • Responsive video ads generate multiple ad combinations in the most relevant formats
  • Viewers can click directly from the video to the retailer's website and convert via form, calls, chats or text


  • 30% more accuracy by targeting shoppers based on home address vs. IP address
  • Remarketing to consumers who have visited the retailer's website
  • Runs exclusively on amazon owned and operated properties
  • Ability to use 3rd party data from Oracle and Edmunds


  • Use online and online and offline consumer data to server ads to in-market viewers
  • Ads are run on exclusive apps and streaming service networks
  • Our AutoQuityTM technology learns from the buying behaviors of the targeted audience and their probability to act after viewing your ad

Reputation Management

Attract Customers with Your Online Reputation

  • Demonstrate to shoppers you care
  • Appear higher in search results
  • Monitor and respond to reviews on multiples sites

Social Impact

Engage with Your Community on Social Media Platforms

  • Optimize social profiles
  • Establish a connection with your customers
  • Create a more qualified base