Leverage first-party data for AI-powered marketing campaigns.

Fullpath’s CDXP

Fullpath’s Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) works to unify disconnected dealership data sources into one cohesive platform. Fullpath layers the data with powerful AI and marketing automation technologies to create efficient, seamless, hyper-personalized shopping experiences and marketing campaigns for your customers so you can drive sales and build customer loyalty for your dealership.

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Fullpath CDP

Fullpath’s Customer Data Platform is a state-of-the-art technology designed to unify, clean, manage, and analyze your dealership’s first and third-party dealership data. Fullpath uses identity resolution technology to create unified views of each shopper that includes every interaction they have had with your business on their sales journey, from dealership visits, to website interactions, email engagements, ad engagements, and more. You can then use that data to execute personalized marketing campaigns, empower your sales teams, and optimize your operations to build exceptional customer experiences.

Digital Advertising

Fullpath’s Digital Advertising takes the work out of your search, social and display ad strategy by creating hyper-segmented audiences pulled from your data, instantly generating hyper-specific copy and creatives for thousands of ads, and automatically allocating and optimizing your ad budget cross-platform around the clock to ensure your marketing dollars are bringing in as many qualified leads as possible.

VINs Acceleration

Fullpath’s VINs-Acceleration is the ultimate insurance policy against aging inventory, designed to get your at-risk inventory seen and sold so you don’t lose big on those vehicles that just won’t move. Leveraging the Fullpath Acquisition Network (FAN), VINs-Acceleration compliments your digital marketing strategy by driving shopper-quality traffic to specific VDPs using a combination of traditional ad bidding strategies across multiple networks and AI-powered targeted email campaigns.

Audience Activation

Fullpath’s Audience Activation leverages the goldmine of data in your CRM to reawaken cold leads and drive customer loyalty with AI-powered email marketing campaigns. Fullpath uses your dealership’s real-time data to determine which messaging will make the greatest impact for each individual shopper and automatically generates personalized campaigns at scale to activate 100% of your audience and build new streams of revenue for your dealership.

Fullpath Equity

Fullpath Equity helps dealers activate their equity data without lifting a finger by identifying your equity positive shoppers and matching them with relevant offers and payment options based on data pulled from your DMS, CRM, trade-in APIs and other data sources and integrations. Fullpath then automatically targets your shoppers with hyper-personalized ads, emails, and landing pages based on their equity status to drive more sales for your dealership.