DOES YOUR DIGITAL STOREFRONT HAVE AN A-TEAM? delivers the technology and partnership to help dealers deliver a personalized consumer experience and turn shoppers into buyers. We are committed to the health, growth, and longevity of our clients through our suite of Cox Automotive software solutions assembled to be the best dealer partner we can be.

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You Deserve Better Deals.

With seamless deal workflows for both you and your customers, Accelerate My Deal helps you simplify your sales process, save time, and drive more profitable leads and deals.

Designed for Experience.

Build confidence and trust throughout the journey with a more transparent process that lets your customer drive their purchase experience.

An integrated, cohesive omni-channel experience.

Customers start their car-buying process the right way with a consistent and personalized experience across your website, Autotrader listings, and on Kelley Blue Book.

Control and customization.

Ensure every point of the online deal structure aligns to your in-store operations, while improving efficiency with easy-to-use management tools.

Flexible and personalized.

When customers choose their path-to-purchase, it results in a better overall experience, higher satisfaction, and higher profits.

Streamlined and integrated.

Get a singular view of the deal, real-time updates, and seamless two-way communication and negotiation for faster deal-making with Accelerate My Deal, VinSolutions Connect CRM, and Connect Desking integrations.