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Apollo Sales is a comprehensive sales retention solution that takes equity mining to the next level with dynamic upgrade offers and sales and service technology. It features a suite of OEM-compliant sales emails, personalized customer websites, an opportunity scoring system, lead management and fully integrates with all major CRM providers.

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DMS Integration

Apollo Sales imports sales and service data from your DMS daily to identify current customers, build customer profiles, and evaluate your market. Apollo appends vehicle registration data and DMS transactions to verify vehicle ownership, eliminating 50% of the waste. Unique customer data, like equity, current financing, and service history, will be accurately displayed for every customer profile in the Command Center and reflected throughout websites, email communications, and more, providing a truly personalized customer experience.

Data Mining

Apollo takes Data Mining to the next level by evaluating dozens of data points to identify customers who are in a position to upgrade. Apollo identifies customers in positive equity, those with expiring leases or warranties, those who recently completed high-cost repair orders and more. Each customer is communicated to on a one-to-one basis with dynamic offers based on each customer’s unique Upgrade Matrix.

Upgrade Matrix®

Upgrade Matrix is a trade pattern prediction tool that analyzes consumer behavior to identify the most statistically probable upgrade options based on the customer’s current vehicle and your dealership’s historical trade patterns. Traditional equity mining tools deliver offers on the same model a customer is currently driving, but Apollo Sales uses Upgrade Matrix to deliver personalized upgrade offers on vehicles they are the most likely to purchase at different points throughout the customer journey, including smart communications.

Offer Manager

Apollo’s offer management system calculates to-the-penny payments on all new and pre-owned inventory and instantly generates unique cash, lease, and finance offers on every vehicle. All offers reflect current rebates, OEM and regional incentives, taxes and fees, applicable disclaimers, and your preferred pricing model. Offers can be applied to ads, VDPs, and more based on the Apollo CXP applications you activate, ensuring full integration and consistency across every customer touchpoint. Offer Manager ensures complete accuracy by recalculating payments daily or whenever pricing settings are changed.

Customer Websites

Apollo harnesses the data goldmines within your DMS to provide every customer a unique, personalized, Amazon Prime-like experience. Apollo Sales includes a Customer Website for every customer, dynamically customized to their unique information, including vehicle history, equity position, and shopping activity. Customer Websites include personalized upgrade offers, recommended vehicles, service coupons, and recall notices, all based on unique customer data. Customers can access their Customer Website through any outbound communications, like email and direct mail, or with their phone number or email address through a secure sign-in feature on your public website.

Service Accelerator

Service Accelerator is a fully integrated service scheduling application proven to generate 4x the number of service appointments as the leading 3rd party providers. It’s the only service application with voice-activated technology, allowing customers to schedule service through devices like Google Home. It includes touchless pick-up and drop-off options through integrations with RedCap and Draiver, providing unrivaled convenience for the customer.

Smart Communications

Move customers down the funnel with trigger emails designed to convert passive shoppers into active leads. These automated emails precisely re-engage shoppers based on dozens of specific customer actions. For example, after visiting their Customer Website, customers will receive an email with a personalized offer on the exact vehicle they shopped for. On the service side, customers will receive an email before their upcoming appointment with customized upgrade offers and vehicle appraisal options.

Command Center

Command Center provides an advanced lead management system that streamlines your team’s workflow with a single dashboard view, enabling users to quickly gauge their top prospects, identify active shoppers, and engage new opportunities. Here, you can track all customer activity and engagement on your website and even actively engage with shoppers in real-time by customizing prices, making it easier for customers to transact anywhere. Its intuitive scoring system contains over 25 customizable settings for past buyers, service-only customers, and prospect audiences to help you prioritize leads and even automate follow-ups with your top prospects.

Customer Journey Report

The Command Center’s Customer Journey Report allows you to easily view every step of the customer’s path to purchase, from email opens to digital ad engagements and website actions. This detailed reporting offers valuable attribution insights for your marketing strategies, empowering your team to create personalized interactions at the right moments in the customer’s journey.