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ConversationsTM allows customers to engage with your dealership however they want, whenever they want — but the real magic comes from the tools ConversationsTM offers to seamlessly integrate those connections into a dealer’s digital platform and real-world processes.

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In today’s changing world customers prefer messaging a business 5X more than talking, and new technology has made them expect instant, 24/7 customer service responses. If you're not available where and when they want to chat, you're losing opportunities — but all it takes is Conversations™ to turn chats into customers. With the help of friendly A.I. and our 24/7 Managed Chat team, Conversations™ is the only messaging platform that allows consumers to message directly with your business on your website, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger, Text messages,, and more — all inside one seamless, cross-device, and user-friendly experience.


Conversations was built to provide solutions for dealerships of any size — whether you’re a modest single rooftop or a large dealership group, Conversations™ is designed to be easily accessible, scalable, and get your teams connected fast.


Conversations™ comes standard with both iOS and Android mobile apps so your teams can continue to connect with customers whether they’re on the sales floor or in the service bay. Both app experiences seamlessly maintain the entire suite of features on your teams’ mobile devices, keeping powerful features like The Glovebox, internal transfer, and live video chat just a tap away.


Drag and drop your inventory into chats with interested shoppers, giving them an enticing vehicle snapshot that clicks through to its VDP. Brochures, offers, and videos are also available for instant, effortless sharing.


Personalized videos create a connection with your dealership, so Conversations™ is built for you to create, send, and save videos to your Glovebox. You can also connect in real-time with live video chat to give shoppers vehicle walk-arounds like they’re right with you on the lot.


Chat directly with co-workers or loop them into a customer conversation to make your team more efficient, agile, and helpful. You can even “shout” at entire departments to bring in the first relevant co-worker who responds.


Conversations™ comes with a unique SMS number so customers can text you from your website, ad campaigns, Google listings, and even print materials — and each text routes though the platform the same as any web chat. Conversations™ also has SMS Outbound Messaging, meaning you can initiate text conversations with your customers at any time.


Conversations™ seamlessly connects with Facebook Messenger™, which enables your team to instantly respond to customers on your Facebook Page, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Marketplace inventory all from the same easy-to-use place.


Because of Conversations™ versatility, it also presents unique opportunities for strategic advertising messages that accelerate your connection with customers. From Facebook ads that launch instant messaging to traditional billboards, mailers, and TV ads that start SMS texts, having Conversations means your audience is always a moment away from connecting.


As the only first-party messaging platform in the industry, Conversations™ can have unprecedented integration with your website — from homepage to VDP. Instead of driving consumers to often dead-end lead forms, you can have your key CTAs launch instant messaging to capture leads and help shoppers towards purchase decisions in the moment.


Not every chat message requires a staff member to create a great customer experience. To help give our dealers precious time back to focus on their businesses, we developed Ana Bot™, a friendly natural-language A.I. that’s learned some pretty powerful tricks all on her own, including how to provide instant trade-in estimates, unlock pricing on your DI website, and schedule appointments — all while capturing leads without ever needing the dreaded “Get E-Price” form fill.


est easy off the clock knowing all chats will be expertly answered and added to your CRM by our 24/7 Conversations Call Center. Chats can also roll over to Managed Chat when customers are left waiting for a response from your team for a set number of seconds.


Conversations™ data seamlessly integrates into our proprietary reporting software PRIZM™, so you can see your messaging performance across every channel alongside website analytics, paid search performance, Dealer Inspire support requests, and more. Inside PRIZM™ you’ll be able to see Conversations messaging metrics like chat volume across all channels, the response performance of your team, and matchback reporting so you know when chat played a role in a sale.